Health Coaching Videos

Fluidly Moving Body Works

  • November 2020
  • Design, Photography, Video, Wordsmithing

Returning client Anita Hoy (Fluidly Moving Body Works) was inaugurating a new nutrition coaching class and brought us in to help.

The job tapped into a wide range of our services, from copyediting marketing copy to videography, from creating an automated online marketing funnel to designing online advertisements.

But it all began with a full day of videography, shooting short (2-5 minute) videos that are part of her weeklong course (sample below). There were nine videos in all, and so we had to change up the background in her studio a few times to keep them from all looking the same.

The videos were then edited, including the creation of a unique intro sequence, mixing with music, and accommodating the best footage from several takes. Then we crafted a programmed landing page and wrote, copy-edited, and built a 16-part email sequence that will run on autopilot for the course as she runs and repeats it over the coming months.