Experience _Matters_

Experience Matters

Ink to pixels

Telling your story is our passion.

For over two decades we have been offering top-flight marketing and publishing services, crafting stories in ink, pulp, bits and pixels.

We capture amazing images, smith words with gusto, build powerful and responsive websites, and produce publications meant to be treasured.

Let’s collaborate to tell your story.



  • Paul E. Richardson

    Paul E. RichardsonFounder

    A writer, photographer, and editor. Author of three novels, two nonfiction titles, a mildly humorous book on running, and editor of two national award-winning books. Comfortable wrangling all manner of copy, be it journalistic or advertising. Happiest when on a challenging photo shoot or a long, slow run on a smooth dirt road.

  • Eileen Shine

    Eileen ShineDesigner

    A designer with over two decades experience delivering a wide gamut of services, from product packaging and web interface to display and print advertising. An equal-opportunity designer who is just as comfortable working with vector as she is with raster.

  • Scott Widmer

    Scott WidmerWeb Architect

    A broadly experienced engineer and problem solver with deep knowledge of ColdFusion, HTML, CSS, JS, SQL and plenty of other acronyms you'd rather not shake a stick at. Excels at listening to client needs and providing clever and efficient solutions. Also happens to be a competitive bowler, but he’s no Roy Munson.

  • Casey O’Leary

    Casey O’LearyVideo Producer

    A producer of hundreds of YouTube videos and two documentary short films. Happiest shooting on location. Premiere Pro ninja and After Effects junkie. DSLR/M cinematographer. Analog storyteller in a digital world.