You Deserve to Stand Out

Let's Put Your Best Face Forward.

Does your headshot show how amazing you are? Does it exude confidence, yet also communicate that you are approachable, interesting, and likable?

A great headshot should do all that, plus be technically beautiful. It should be a clean, well-lit, and well-composed image that shows you to be a polished professional who cares about, and takes care of, their image.

A great headshot makes a connection. It helps you stand out among other professionals, communicates confidence and reliability, yet also shows your unique spark.

I achieve all of this by walking you through a tried and tested process that captures amazing images of you – even if you hate having your picture taken, even if you think you photograph horribly.

My headshot session is relaxing (no time limit, and as many backgrounds and outfit changes as you'd like to try) and fun. I revel in coaching clients to capture authentic expressions, to show off their innate human beauty. What is more, you will walk away from our collaboration with practical tools to help you look better in every photo you have taken going forward.

Together we can do this.

If you are ready to ditch your selfie and make a sound investment in your future, click the "schedule" button below, and let’s get started.


What Does No-Time-Limit Mean?

Just that. Forget about the clock. We are collaborating to create great images together, and that is the only thing that matters. Realistically, of course, most people begin to wilt in front of the camera after about 30-40 minutes, and it's rare if it takes us more than 90 minutes to take and review a whole bunch of amazing images with different outfits and backgrounds.

Location Shoots?

Yes, I can bring my studio to you. This is an efficient way to get uniform, professional headshots of your team for your company website, annual report, LinkedIn, and brochures. We can capture images of your staff and/or C-suite without disrupting your work schedule. You will get the same quality and treatment as you would in my studio, though we do aim for shorter sessions and just selecting one fine image per person.

The fee depends on distance, timing, and the number of individuals, and I may need to scout out your location ahead of time to ensure we have the right space to set things up.

Generally speaking, we can comfortably accommodate 20-30 team members in a single workday.