Nothing encapsulates a moment or stops time like a photograph.


Our well-equipped Montpelier studio is ready to serve your portrait and product photography needs, or we can bring our tech to you.

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Some Of Our Photo Work

Feeding the Market

Phoenix Feeds and Nutrition gets a photo upgrade.

Headshots Photography Video
Financial Education

Helping Pathway implement one of the best uses of commercial video to attract and retain clients.

Headshots Marketing Photography Video
Organic Video

Sunflower Natural Foods needed fresh photos and video to go with its new website.

Photography Video
Art and Craft

Vermont Awards and Engraving wanted some fresh imagery for their website and also a video explaining what makes them different, to help them reach an audience beyond Vermont.

Photography Video
The Story of Maple

The Maple Shop in New Jersey wanted to tell the sweet story of how maple gathers families and community together.

Photography Video Wordsmithing
Bolton Testimonial

VHFA hired us to capture images and a video testimonial of one of their mortgage clients.

Photography Video
The Rose Way

Rose Law wanted a video that spoke to their different approach to personal injury law. We spent a day with them and delivered a story (and lots of images too).

Photography Video
Christmas in October

The Jarecki wanted to capture a snow-filled family Christmas card. In October. Hello, Photoshop.

It's all about the Plus

A longtime vendor became a client, and got a new brand, website, and imagery.

Web Development Design Photography Print Video Wordsmithing
California Sun

The assignment was to prepare, style, and photograph two dishes in the California sun, but in Vermont.

Jewelry with Intention

Tossi was creating a new line of jewelry, Aperta, and needed to fill her new website with fresh imagery.

Flying Cookies

Sometimes you just need to toss some cookies around. (Don't watch this on an empty stomach.)

Photography Video
Cleaning the Pipes

Jacob's plumbing business was just taking off. Problem was, he didn't have any marketing, no website, no photography to tell people who he was and what he offered.

Web Development Photography Wordsmithing
Salon Refresher

Sunflower Salon and Boutique needed new images, some social media juice, and a website refresh. Check, check, and triple check.

Web Development Photography Wordsmithing
Capturing Curves

David Hurwitz makes furniture with incredible texture and topography. It is crafted and shaped to look almost like flowing fabric. And rather challenging to capture in images.

Fresh Roasted Video

Brave Coffee needed some explainer videos and a few new images. They had us at "coffee."

Photography Video
Good Construction, Man!

Over the past two years, we have captured several properties for Goodman Construction, both in progress and upon completion.

Photography Wordsmithing
Bent Wood and Molten Metal

Cooperman is a 100-year-old company that needed some fresh imagery to expand its replica toy line.

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

For a new website being developed with Trifecta, Montpelier's Botanica Florals needed an image refresh.

Signature Piece

Fine woodworker David Boynton wanted to capture images of a signature piece of furniture installed in a public place. No problem.

Fall Guidebook

Revamping the seasonal catalog of a 133-year-old equipment manufacturing company.

Photography Print Wordsmithing
From Tree to Table

Months of shooting for Leader – from tiny spouts to huge, reflective stainless steel equipment.

Feeling at Home

For a website rebuild, the Vilas Home needed some new still imagery and a few explainer videos.

Photography Video
Interaction and Interviews

Capturing clients at multiple sites around Vermont for a serious website upgrade.

Photography Video
All the Lawyers

The venerable Montpelier law firm Biggam Fox and Skinner needed to update the imagery on their website. All rise!

Painless Photography

How do you photograph a dentistry practice and make it a painless experience?

Sweet Products

Bragg Farm has been around since the 1850s, yet it has an active online and mail order store selling its maple and other products. They needed some new product photography.

Cover Story

We were contacted by StateWays to do a quick turn-around cover shoot in the Vermont Statehouse.

Look of Lavender

Vermont Lavender decided it was time for a makeover. We're on it!

Design Photography Wordsmithing
Pinball Wizards

Product, process, architectural, portrait, food and macro photography for a business. All in a well-planned half-day shoot.

Interior Capture

Pluck needed to capture shots of a co-working space, Do North, that they had helped design. The job involved shooting both signage and workspace design elements.

Fitness Fotos

Anita was expanding her massage and wellness space to include a spanking-new fitness studio and workout space. She needed images.

Coffee Shots

Brave Coffee was unveiling a new product line. We couldn't wait to shoot coffee (and enjoy the leftovers).

Piece of Cake

Barre's Hometown Bakery asked us to come over and shoot their baking and decorating. Piece of cake!

Editing for Impact

Complete website edit and relaunch, focused on wordsmithing, funneling, and photography.

Web Development Design Photography Wordsmithing
Documenting Change

Document multiple outreach programs of this vibrant nonprofit, with both still and video imagery. For use on a completely rebuilt website and in future marketing.

Photography Video
Capturing the Arts

Montpelier Alive hired us to cover a wonderful downtown celebration of arts and community, Arts Fest.

Album Cover

Singer-songwriter Mark Legrand is an old friend, and we were delighted to work with him on the cover for his new album, This Dream I'm In.

Design Photography
Rebrand and Reboot

Rebrand South Florida's Premier Music and Arts Festival, then reboot website and provide full panoply of marketing services.

Web Development Design Photography Print Video Wordsmithing
Cross-Channel Storytelling

Build and maintain a complex site for one of America's premiere music and lifestyle festivals, while also providing photography and print production services.

Web Development Design Photography Print Video Wordsmithing

Crowdfunding a documentary film and book about the lives of 22 Russian centenarians.

Photography Print Video Wordsmithing
Montpelier Merchants

Since February 2017, we have been capturing environmental portraits, as well as store and product images of Montpelier's merchants, to be used on a website promoting downtown shopping. These are just a few of the thousands of images we have captured to reflect the vibrancy of Montpelier's downtown.