Christmas in October

A photoediting story

  • December 2021
  • Photography

The Jarecki wanted to capture a snow-filled family Christmas card. In October. Hello, Photoshop.

First, all of the family animals and a intricately staged scene had to be set up on the front lawn. There were two cats, two dogs, an array of blow-up characters, and a trimmed tree. We set up a light in the distance to act as a low, winter setting sun. And then began shooting a green Christmas...

But of course the animals did not cooperate so well, nor did Darth Vader (just like him), so the Photoshop work began with combining a few of the best shots to get everyone in the picture, just so.

Then we had to turn grass to snow, alter the quality of light, and then add actually falling snow, first in the background, then in the foreground.

And so, by the end, we created Christmas in October!