Turn it Up to 11

Eleven Videos Every Business Needs

Every business serious about marketing itself
needs to be serious about video

Video is unique in its ability to artfully combine powerful imagery with well-chosen words, moving music, and impactful editing. Done well, it can capture a viewer's full attention. And, as someone once said, if you capture someone's complete attention, you are their world until you let them go.

With the right team and approach, top-quality video production can be affordable even for small- and medium-sized businesses and organizations.

But where do you start?

Right here. Explore the Eleven Types of Video Every Business Needs, then set up a call to chat about the options that are the best fit for your business where it is right now.

(Download this info as a PDF.)


This foundational video, sometimes called a Brand Anthem video, conveys your core story or mission statement. It lays out who or what your business is, a bit of your history, your “why,” and, most importantly, what problems you solve for your customers. Think of it as controlling the first impression people have of your business before they meet you in person. It can be done in a sort of narrative documentary style, or just with b-roll and title cards. Generally speaking, it is best for businesses to start by crafting this type of video.


This can be for both internal and external consumption. The point is to convey the business or organization’s “why,” to show what your tribe is about, what defines you. This can be a single, longer 3-minute video, or a series of lightly-branded videos that tell stories of people who use your product, or the people who make your product and are the backbone of your company. Videos that show a company or organization’s community involvement also fall into this category and can be a great way to define and express your culture by showing how you walk the talk. For a nonprofit, we often will call this an Impact Video.


Explains the features and benefits of new or existing products. Ideal for launches, but also for products that may require a bit of explanation. Use video to do the explaining and your live human customer service folk spend less time doing it again and again and again…


In which we get users and fans to talk about how your product/service/company/organization transformed their life or business. Think of these as the video equivalent of 100+ 5-star reviews. Video testimonials are extremely important (92% of people in one survey said they check testimonials before making a purchase) and influential (70% of those polled said positive video testimonials significantly increased the trust they have in a business). The format can have the person speaking straight into camera, to connect with the viewer’s heartstrings, or be a more “objective” and documentary style, looking off-camera, or talking and walking, etc.

Case Study

This video is like the love child of a Product video and a Testimonial video. It focuses on the end-user and what happened to them when your product or service came into their life. It’s very much oriented around the “people like us do things like this” mantra, showing the viewers a person they can identify with using or talking about your product or service in a less obvious way. Most effective when done as a series. Case Studies like to travel in packs.

Onboarding & Training

Get new staff up to speed with an orientation on company values and standards, or reinforce these ideals among existing employees. Or create a video course for customers. Policies and practices (or exercise and diet routines) will be understood and retained far better if communicated via video versus a crumpled, laser-printed info sheet. People remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, but 80% of what they see and do. It’s why all the cool airlines now use very creative videos for their safety announcements.

Call to Action

The purpose here is to get people to act, to sign on to a cause, or to purchase a new product. These are best kept short and sweet, and to use direct-to-camera appeals with our teleprompter. Less is more. Culture and Mission focused videos can also step over into this realm or may have a Cut-Down based on this style. This is usually where we'd place a "sizzle reel," the intent of which is to enthrall viewers and get them to become fans.


Have a story or an event/issue/idea that you feel can capture your viewers’ attention and hold it for more than just 90 seconds? The best approach could be to make a mini-documentary, where you give the backstory of a company or event, slowly reveal a story like an episode of 48 Hours, or recount your history a la Ken Burns. If a story is compelling and complex enough, there is no better way to capture and tell it than through a documentary-style video.  

FAQ / How-To

Here is where the clouds open and a beam of light shines down on you to make you feel truly enlightened and liberated. Because a well-crafted FAQ video strategy can save you time, lots of time. We begin with you making a list of the 10 or 15 questions you or your customer service people are answering again and again and again. Then we script up the best answers and film them professionally around your business, spoken by staff, leaders, or whoever makes most sense. That way the videos have a dual purpose: they also show a bit of who you are and what you are like.


Clip-Down / Teaser

This is a special breed of video harvested from Testimonial, Culture, Product, or really any video. Think of it like a trailer that contains the best quote or clip from a longer video. It is meant to reel people in from social media channels, driving them to the top of your marketing funnel or to your YouTube channel. Normally 15 seconds or less, these need to be punchy and eyeball-grabbing.

Web Roll

This is a carefully chosen selection of b-roll video that lives on your website landing page, taking the place of that static banner photo. It captures and expresses a bit of the energy and activity of your firm and its people. Quite often it is a byproduct of other, more in-depth video work among the 10 types noted above.

Samples Of Our Video Work

Sounds Good!

In July, while capturing loads of video for Festival Napa Valley, we were approached by Meyer Sound, the world’s leading sound equipment company.

30 Events, 12 Days -> 2 Minutes

Capturing video for Festival Napa Valley is a 12-day long marathon.

Feeding the Market

Phoenix Feeds and Nutrition gets a photo upgrade.

Headshots Photography Video
Financial Education

Helping Pathway implement one of the best uses of commercial video to attract and retain clients.

Headshots Marketing Photography Video
Outright Videos

Collaborating to create an impact video for one of Vermont's most impactful nonprofits.

Tennessee Woodworks

Traveling to Nashville, and meeting and working with Eddie and Katie Zingleman on this video, was the highlight of 2022 for me.

Festival Sizzle

We traveled to Napa and distilled over 10 days and 35 events down into a 90 second sizzle reel.

Organic Video

Sunflower Natural Foods needed fresh photos and video to go with its new website.

Photography Video
Art and Craft

Vermont Awards and Engraving wanted some fresh imagery for their website and also a video explaining what makes them different, to help them reach an audience beyond Vermont.

Photography Video
The Story of Maple

The Maple Shop in New Jersey wanted to tell the sweet story of how maple gathers families and community together.

Photography Video Wordsmithing
Bolton Testimonial

VHFA hired us to capture images and a video testimonial of one of their mortgage clients.

Photography Video
The Rose Way

Rose Law wanted a video that spoke to their different approach to personal injury law. We spent a day with them and delivered a story (and lots of images too).

Photography Video
It's all about the Plus

A longtime vendor became a client, and got a new brand, website, and imagery.

Web Development Design Photography Print Video Wordsmithing
To Eternity and Beyond

Vermont's premier web development and marketing firm, Eternity Web, asked us to collaborate with them on some customer testimonial videos.

Flying Cookies

Sometimes you just need to toss some cookies around. (Don't watch this on an empty stomach.)

Photography Video
Health Coaching Videos

Returning client Anita Hoy was inaugurating a new nutrition coaching class and needed some help.

Design Photography Video Wordsmithing
Fresh Roasted Video

Brave Coffee needed some explainer videos and a few new images. They had us at "coffee."

Photography Video
Web Rolls

As part of photoshoots for clients, we are increasingly being asked to create short web roll videos. Here are a few we have done lately.

Storytelling Videos

This summer, we began capturing footage for an ongoing series of videos for Leader Evaporator, of Swanton, Vermont. This is what we have done so far.

Feeling at Home

For a website rebuild, the Vilas Home needed some new still imagery and a few explainer videos.

Photography Video
Music in Lockdown

The Young People's Chorus of NYC asked to create three music videos for an extraordinary new recording project. Each one was a monumental challenge.

Sugar Time

Creating a branding video to signal a forthcoming marketing makeover.

Interaction and Interviews

Capturing clients at multiple sites around Vermont for a serious website upgrade.

Photography Video
Tribute Video
Created for The Young People's Chorus of New York City, as a tribute to the composer and philanthropist Gordon Getty.
Video Wordsmithing
Documenting Change

Document multiple outreach programs of this vibrant nonprofit, with both still and video imagery. For use on a completely rebuilt website and in future marketing.

Photography Video
Rebrand and Reboot

Rebrand South Florida's Premier Music and Arts Festival, then reboot website and provide full panoply of marketing services.

Web Development Design Photography Print Video Wordsmithing
Cross-Channel Storytelling

Build and maintain a complex site for one of America's premiere music and lifestyle festivals, while also providing photography and print production services.

Web Development Design Photography Print Video Wordsmithing

Crowdfunding a documentary film and book about the lives of 22 Russian centenarians.

Photography Print Video Wordsmithing