Cross-Channel Storytelling

Festival Napa Valley

  • September 2018
  • Web Development, Design, Photography, Print, Video, Wordsmithing
We have been involved with Festival Napa Valley since 2011, on various aspects of web development, marketing, data integration, and photography.

The current website was the festival's second rebuild inside the Mura CMS and it has taken full advantage of that system's scalable, block-based development model, while integrating a fresh, innovative design (by Compass Advertising).

It was our task, among other things, to program complex, adaptable layouts based on art agency demands, and integrate the website with an advanced ticketing system, Youtube,  and Smugmug.

On the photography side, we oversee photography capture, management, and publishing during the 10-day festival, while also managing production for the festival's annual magazine, Crescendo. This included assisting with editing and rewrites, and also reporting and writing multiple magazine articles.