Images that Move

Video has a unique power to tap into emotion.

Video can envelop the senses and be an amazingly powerful marketing tool. Indeed, evocative footage can frame an issue, impel a call to action, coagulate a tribe.

It's also a great way to build a highly scalable product for self-improvement services (online video courses), and develop broader brand awareness (product feature videos).

We will take the time to learn about your business and your customers' pain points so that, together, we can collaborate to create videos that create real value, build engagement, and tell your story like never before.

What is it costing your business to not have video in your marketing mix?

We do not offer "packages" or cookie-cutter plans. Every client is different, and we will always optimize our solution to meet your needs in the most cost-effective, creative way possible. Some examples of work with other clients is posted below. You can also view our video portfolio of recent work here.



Samples Of Our Video Work

It's all about the Plus

A longtime vendor became a client, and got a new brand, website, and imagery.

Web Development Design Photography Print Video Wordsmithing
To Eternity and Beyond

Vermont's premier web development and marketing firm, Eternity Web, asked us to collaborate with them on some customer testimonial videos.

Flying Cookies

Sometimes you just need to toss some cookies around. (Don't watch this on an empty stomach.)

Photography Video
Health Coaching Videos

Returning client Anita Hoy was inaugurating a new nutrition coaching class and needed some help.

Design Photography Video Wordsmithing
Fresh Roasted Video

Brave Coffee needed some explainer videos and a few new images. They had us at "coffee."

Photography Video
Web Rolls

As part of photoshoots for clients, we are increasingly being asked to create short web roll videos. Here are a few we have done lately.

Storytelling Videos

This summer, we began capturing footage for an ongoing series of videos for Leader Evaporator, of Swanton, Vermont. This is what we have done so far.

Feeling at Home

For a website rebuild, the Vilas Home needed some new still imagery and a few explainer videos.

Photography Video
Music in Lockdown

The Young People's Chorus of NYC asked to create three music videos for an extraordinary new recording project. Each one was a monumental challenge.

Sugar Time

Creating a branding video to signal a forthcoming marketing makeover.

Interaction and Interviews

Capturing clients at multiple sites around Vermont for a serious website upgrade.

Photography Video
Tribute Video
Created for The Young People's Chorus of New York City, as a tribute to the composer and philanthropist Gordon Getty.
Video Wordsmithing
Real Estate Slideshows

Turning fine still images into an engaging video, to evoke more queries.

Documenting Change

Document multiple outreach programs of this vibrant nonprofit, with both still and video imagery. For use on a completely rebuilt website and in future marketing.

Photography Video
Rebrand and Reboot

Rebrand South Florida's Premier Music and Arts Festival, then reboot website and provide full panoply of marketing services.

Web Development Design Photography Print Video Wordsmithing
Cross-Channel Storytelling

Build and maintain a complex site for one of America's premiere music and lifestyle festivals, while also providing photography and print production services.

Web Development Design Photography Print Video Wordsmithing

Crowdfunding a documentary film and book about the lives of 22 Russian centenarians.

Photography Print Video Wordsmithing
Motion Graphics

A motion graphics video to explain all the complexities of benefits administration.

Highlight Reel

Craft a vibrant, rich video that represents all that Festival Napa Valley has to offer.

New Coat of Paint

A moving documentary about the restoration of an old truck, and what that says about a fine Sonoma winery.