Outright Videos

  • May 2023
  • Video

When Outright Vermont decided to revamp their website (with the great folks at Eternity), they decided they also needed a new impact (aka branding) video.

We worked with Robyn Freedner-Maguire on the messaging and strategy for filming. Robyn handled all the wrangling of interviewees and space, so we focused on the space, lighting, filming, and the interviews (ably handled by Victor Guadagno).

The interviews were actually shot in a rather standard office conference room at Outright, but we spiced things up by bringing in about a dozen colorful background paper rolls, injecting some variety and color to the shots.

Then there were repeated rounds of editing to perfect the music bed, integrate relevant b-roll and tweak the interviews to capture and convey the message the client was seeking.

We also created some cut-downs of the longer video for commercials and social media usage.