Every Face is a Miracle

A portrait is a collaboration between photographer and subject.

It is a journey of discovery whose endpoint is the creatian of realistic, natural representations of who you are at this moment.

We begin by considering your hoped-for outcome. Whether you are an entrepreneur building a company, an actor shaping a career, or a professional burnishing a personal brand, you should have an end-use or goal in mind. This is usually determined by where the images will live, who your intended audience is, and what you want to communicate.

We will explore all of that, considering different backgrounds and outfits, different poses and lighting, and, most importantly, different expressions.

We will work. We will play. We will put on some music. And we will take lots and lots of images. And, of course, we will pause from time to time and review what we are capturing, seeing what we like and don't like, so we can make adjustments.

The good news? You absolutely do not have to love having your picture taken to have a fun portrait session, or to create great portraits. You just have to bring your full self to the session and be willing to join the journey.

The Three Types of Portraits:


  • Environmental portraits are generally of someone in their “natural environment,” at their workplace, or in a location that fits with their vocation or avocation. This is generally what we might shoot for magazine articles or for a company About page.

  • Studio portraits, in which we work in a more controlled studio environment to capture portraits of you against various backdrops, in different outfits and poses.

  • Headshots are a more focused version of either of the above, focusing just on the head and shoulders, and looking at the camera with an engaging, powerful expression. The intent is to create images for online profiles, printed brochures, and the like. Read more here.

~ Tips on having your portrait taken ~



On Location?

Absolutely, we love to do location shoots for portraiture. Pricing will depend on distance, timing, equipment, etc. (Simple shoots within 10 miles of Montpelier that don't require special lighting equipment do not cost extra.)

Let's talk about what you have in mind and then we can tailor the quote to your exact needs.