It's all about the Plus

35 Years New

  • November 2021
  • Web Development, Design, Photography, Print, Video, Wordsmithing

Our longtime vendor, The Mailing Center, a 35-year-old company in Barre, was expanding from being mainly a mailing house into offering a wide range of digital printing and imprinting skills.

They, therefore, decided they wanted to go through a rebranding and a greenfield website build, which also meant lots of photography, videography, and wordsmithing.

Right in our wheelhouse.

We spent weeks surveying their needs and aspirations, funneling that into the rebranding, and then drafting up words that cogently – but with an authentic voice – expressed what they do and why they do it. Caroline crafted a beautiful logo that combined the old and the new, while underscoring their colorful new capabilities.


There were lots of photo/video visits to capture work and the team, and finally, this November, the new site and brand was launched. Rebranded as The Print + Mailing Center, they headed into their busy season with fresh marketing tools in their arsenal, and a cool new logo to affix to their van (yeah, they have the equipment to do that sort of printing too)!