Storytelling Videos

  • October 2020
  • Video

This summer, we began capturing footage for an ongoing series of videos for Leader Evaporator, of Swanton, Vermont.

Leader is the largest producer of maple sugaring equipment in the US and has a 133-year history. We have been helping them with a complete rebranding, website rebuild, and imagery refresh. Here are some of the videos we have created so far (see the full gamut here).

Good Weld Hunting

An introduction to the welders and processes that go into making Leader products.

Made Here

Expressing the pride and quality of this American manufacturer.

Tree to Table

Sugarmakers are a tribe. A short tribute to them and what they mean to Leader.

Go Pink

Leader released a new pink tubing this fall, and decided to tie it into fundraising for breast cancer awareness.

Team Pink

As part of its fundraising for breast cancer awareness, Leader teamed up with the American Cancer Society of Vermont and Burly Axe to sponsor the Let's Axe Cancer contest. This is Leader picking it's axe-throwing team.