Actor and Artist Headshots

Professional headshots may be the single most valuable marketing tool an actor or artist can possess.


Your Actor/Artist headshots should:

  • Show off your spark, your personality.
  • Give an accurate sense of the characters you may be best suited for playing.
  • Capture your nuances and style.
  • Present a mix of image styles and "looks," most (but not all) with engaging eye contact.
  • Have framing, lighting, and background that all enhance you as the subject without being distracting (ideally, they tell a story).
  • Be authentic and look like the person who will show up for auditions.

We begin by spending some time getting acquainted and talking about your goals and activities.

Then we will shoot in a variety of outfits and styles, against a variety of backgrounds, to make sure we capture different facets of your personality – your "brand" – what people should expect when they interact with you.

And then, together, we will evaluate your shots and pick the very best ones, right there on the spot. A few days later, you will have new images with which to refresh your online portfolio or website.

Which Type Do You Need?

Theatrical: Geared toward casting in films, TV, and plays. Conveys more emotional depth and range. Can be more focused on identifiable personality types. Tends to be darker, Rembrandt lighting, moodier.

Commercial: Aimed mainly at the advertising industry, this displays emotional energy and charisma. It demonstrates your ability to sell a product or brand. The lighting is brighter and punchier, with less shadow.


A Few Things We Are Working On
The Vermont Maker Project  Montpelier Rising Project

How to Get a Knock-Out Headshot

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Recent Work

Sounds Good!

In July, while capturing loads of video for Festival Napa Valley, we were approached by Meyer Sound, the world’s leading sound equipment company.

30 Events, 12 Days -> 2 Minutes

Capturing video for Festival Napa Valley is a 12-day long marathon.

Financial Education

Helping Pathway implement one of the best uses of commercial video to attract and retain clients.

Headshots Marketing Photography Video
Feeding the Market

Phoenix Feeds and Nutrition gets a photo upgrade.

Headshots Photography Video
Outright Videos

Collaborating to create an impact video for one of Vermont's most impactful nonprofits.

Tennessee Woodworks

Traveling to Nashville, and meeting and working with Eddie and Katie Zingleman on this video, was the highlight of 2022 for me.

Festival Sizzle

We traveled to Napa and distilled over 10 days and 35 events down into a 90 second sizzle reel.

Organic Video

Sunflower Natural Foods needed fresh photos and video to go with its new website.

Photography Video
Art and Craft

Vermont Awards and Engraving wanted some fresh imagery for their website and also a video explaining what makes them different, to help them reach an audience beyond Vermont.

Photography Video
The Story of Maple

The Maple Shop in New Jersey wanted to tell the sweet story of how maple gathers families and community together.

Photography Video Wordsmithing
Bolton Testimonial

VHFA hired us to capture images and a video testimonial of one of their mortgage clients.

Photography Video
The Rose Way

Rose Law wanted a video that spoke to their different approach to personal injury law. We spent a day with them and delivered a story (and lots of images too).

Photography Video