From Tree to Table

Leader Evaporator

  • October 2020
  • Photography

For weeks we spent long days shooting products on-site and in the studio for Leader Evaporator, the country's largest producer of equipment and supplies for the maple sugaring industry.

We began in July with the easy, most interesting things – colorful handtools. Then we progressed into glass bottles, spare parts, tubing, rubber molds, fittings – basically everything a sugarmaker needs to run their operation, from tree to table.

Leader has about 500 main SKUs and over 5000 variants. In the end, we shot about 1000 products for the new website and catalog.

When it came time to turn to shooting larger equipment, we needed to control the space and environment, so we brought in a 10x10 white tent and covered the cement warehouse floor with white paper as best we could. This allowed us to capture relatively reflection-free images that could then be isolated for use on the website and in the catalog.

The Tent
The tent with makeshift computer stand.


More Tent
Everyone wants to be in the photo...