Fall Guidebook

Leader Evaporator

  • October 2020
  • Photography, Print, Wordsmithing

Leader Evaporator was founded in 1888. We have been hired to provide a wide range of marketing services for the company, from website development to product photography, from videography to logo redesign. A central task was revamping their semi-annual mail order catalog.

In the past, this has been a very typical equipment supply catalog.

We began with a months-long process of capturing entirely new product photography, to have fresh, crisp images for use both online and in print. We then did a considerable amount of work rethinking what the new catalog should be. Taking a cue from cutting edge companies like Patagonia and YETI, we decided that this needed to look less like an equipment catalog and more like a magazine. And it needed to contain stories about members of the sugarmaking tribe at different stages of development and growth.

The final catalog contained three such stories as well as a completely refreshed design, led by Caroline Matte. Dropped in early October, the catalog was extremely well received by both customers and dealers.