Signature Piece

David Boynton Cabinetmaker

  • October 2020
  • Photography

Fine woodworker David Boynton wanted to capture images of a signature piece of furniture he created and that was already installed at the Greensboro Center for the Arts. It is a shining centerpiece in the lobby area.

So we arranged a day when we would have the space to ourselves (easier in COVID times), and arrived with a full kit.

The first challenge was that we needed to isolate the piece from its surroundings, to remove distractions (it has windowed panels on both sides so you can see through it). That was largely achieved by erecting a large white background on one side of the piece. Then we had to tackle the bright sunlight coming in from other angles, as the lobby is a bright, open space. This was achieved with some polarizing and with large pieces of black fabric.

Even so, with all this, we could get a nice image of the piece in isolation, but we wanted an image of it in situ as well, showing how it sits in the space. To get that and to bring the outdoor space in required blending a few exposures.

With that, we just got a few close-ups of the fine inlays and joints, and that was that!