Ink _And_ Pulp

Ink And Pulp

We know print

We’ve been publishing books, magazines, calendars, and reports for 30 years.

Our roots are in print. But as the world has become increasingly digital, a feedback loop has informed our print projects, integrating things like flipbooks, e-books, PDF, XML, and many other acronymic wonders.

Whether your print leads or follows your digital, we can work with you to ensure that your online and offline publishing reinforce one another.

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Some Recent Projects


  • Festival Boca

  • United Way Addison County

  • The Symphonia

  • Auricolae

  • Festival Napa Valley

  • Bailey Road

  • Vermont Land Trust

  • Montpelier Alive

  • Heney Realtors

  • VCFA

  • Earth & Sky

  • Vermont Life

  • Russian Arts Foundation

  • Russian National Orchestra