10,000 Headshots

  • Jul 23, 2020

Usually, if three network news reporters show up at your door all at once, it's not a good thing. In this instance it was.

Yesterday I took part in a national project, 10,000 Headshots, designed to provide free professional headshots all across the country to people unemployed by the pandemic. Turns out it was a story all the media outlets were interested in covering.

Some 200 photographers in 50 states were involved, and we have yet to hear the final tally of headshots taken. I had 33 scheduled and 25 showed up. You can see some of the raw, out of camera, unretouched shots below.

Here are the three news reports that resulted from the reporters showing up at our pop-up studio.

NECN (NBC) and Jack Thurston

WCAX (CBS) and Kevin Gaiss

22 / 44 (ABC) and Jolie Sherman

Postscript: In November, Jolie Sherman checked in on some headshot recipients to see if they where helped by the effort.

A special thanks to Eileen for providing the valuable assist to make this all happen, and to the entire team at Headshot Booker for making this a successful, media-worthy event. I am hearing some truly touching stories from people all across the country. For me it was heartening to hear how appreciative everyone was of the effort, and that they felt this would help boost their job search. One woman who said she never has a good photo taken of her completely rocked the session and we created a great series of images together.

10k Images