Your Headshot is Not About You

  • Mar 24, 2024

People tend to believe that their headshot is about them.

Or maybe that having a pro headshot is egotistical or vain.

Nope, and nope.

In reality, your headshot is about your customers, especially your prospective customers – the people who don’t know you.

I say this all the time: "no one who doesn’t know you is going to think better of you than the best image you put forward."

If you went to Harvard, but instead wrote on your CV: “graduated college in 4 years,” you’d be selling yourself short. Because no one reading your CV would know that you had what it took to get into and survive an elite school.

Likewise, if you post a selfie or a “meh” headshot, you are underselling yourself.

But let’s put a finer point on it.

First, your [prospective] clients care more about your image than you do, and those people don’t know or even care about the things that you perceive as flaws. They care about their own perceived flaws, their problems, and who can solve them. What they care about is that the people they are working with are confident, approachable, competent, and trustworthy (all of which can be conveyed in a great headshot).

Those prospective clients or partners also want to know that you care, and an important reflection of that is that you have made an investment in your professional image for yourself (and/or your firm).

Second, your professional pictures (not just of what you sell, but of you) have a direct impact on your perceived value, and therefore your income.

So, given all of that, why would you NOT show yourself in the best possible light?

“Oh, I’m not photogenic,” you say. Or, “I hate having my picture taken.”

Neither of those is true. EVERYone is photogenic with the right photographer. And if you hate having your picture taken, well, we clearly haven't met :)

The bottom line is this: Why would you NOT raise expectations, show off your best self, and humble brag your best work: YOU!