Tips for Better Zooming

Since we are all now spending so much time in front of video cameras – aka hour-long headshot sessions – here's some advice from a photographer on how you can do Zoom better.

Over the Hill?

On this day thirty years ago, I did something rather crazy. And I can't seem to stop.

Photography in the Time of Coronavirus

A few thoughts on how we are working to keep the shutters clicking, and what you can and should do in these dark times.

Pinball Wizardry

A new pinball arcade business in Manchester needed images to populate their new website. Who ya gonna call?

Best Job Ever

This spring I was privileged to work on one of the most fun, engaging, and challenging jobs ever.

A Walk in the Park

The Voorhis family recently hired me to spend an hour or so with them in Hubbard Park, capturing images of them together in a semi-organized way.

Ordinary Things

In which I celebrate the less noticed things amongst us, and they are allowed to share their voice.

Is There a 7-Second Rule?

You have seven seconds to make a first impression. Or do you?

Consistency Matters

We should always pay close attention to the images we use to represent ourselves – they reflect the story that people will remember about us. Images, just like words, should reinforce the brand.