Dog Headshots

(because they deserve it)

Vermont's premier headshot photographer now offers amazing, intimate headshots of your pup – works of art that are suitable for framing on a prominent wall in your home or office.

What Are Dog Headshots?

Just that. Close-up, intimate portraits captured in a carefully controlled studio environment so that there are fewer distractions, and so that the result is a clean, revealing presentation of your dog's personality.

Let's be honest: This is not something every pooch is ready for. If your pet is nervous and takes a long time to settle in unfamiliar locations... If he or she gets overwhelmed by stranger danger, or is just too hyper for closed spaces... then this is likely not a good fit.

But if your pup can sit on command, will respond positively to toys, treats, and the attentions offered by a photographer who loves dogs, this could be a great fit.

A Dog Headshot Session can last anywhere from 30-90 minutes, depending on how long it takes your pup to acclimate and feel comfortable. But most dogs lose focus and tire in under an hour. Nonetheless, we block out two hours on the schedule just to be certain there is time to ease into things slowly, to make your pet feel comfortable in the new environment.


What Backgrounds Are Available?

I prefer a classic, black background for really showing off your dog's face and expression. But I also have some bright, colorful backgrounds we can use if you want a bit of zest or pop.

What Does it Cost?

Three service options are offered, depending on what size image files you want to receive. But all culled and edited images are shared via an online gallery, from where you can share images over social media, purchase high-resolution image files, and order studio-quality prints on canvas, wood, metal, or paper.

Every session is different, but generally, I expect to share at least 20-30 final images in your online gallery.



Key to image sizes: Low-resolution means for web sharing, and you can likely print a small, 4x6 print. Medium-resolution means you can print 8x10 images. Hi-resolution means you can print large wall prints and canvases.

What Do I Bring?

We will go over all that after you book an appointment. Mostly, you want to bring a chill, curious pup.

If your pet has any specific dietary restrictions or only likes one kind of treat, then we will need you to bring those. Without treats, we won't get the shots. I have plenty, but occasionally a doggo can be a bit picky.

Can I Be in the Studio Too?

That depends on your dog. Whatever makes him or her more relaxed and less distracted, that is our lodestar. Or dogstar, perhaps.

But the process will be far smoother for your dog if there is only one director on the set. We can't have your pup confused by who he or she needs to respond to. We'll talk more about that after you book a session, as I have a long FAQ and best-practices post.

In any case, at the end of the session, if it works out, I do like to shoot a pic of the pooch and its person together.


Location Shoots?

This is a very specialized studio portrait offering only. We may offer some natural location shoots in future.