Pumpkin Spice This

Is it a coincidence that the world has been slowly going to hell in a pumpkin-spiced handbasket ever since PSLs showed up?

100-Year Flood

Pictures only begin to represent the horror of Montpelier's July 11 flood.

8 Photos That Survived the Flood

This art display of eight images survived Montpelier's July 2023 flood. They have asked that, after their ordeal, we put them on auction for flood relief.

Not a Peep Out of You!

I give you the Peep, possibly the most perfect food known to humankind.

Phighting CameroPhobia

7 Tips for Overcoming Your Absolutely Rational Fear of Being Photographed.

Nobody Wants What You Want

If you run a business, you need to understand that nobody wants the same things you, especially your customers...

Hello Problem, meet Photos

We face lots of problems in our businesses. That’s part of what makes them interesting, but also maddening. We like to think we’d be happy in our businesses if all the problems went away. That’s an illusion.

Seven Reasons You Need Professional Headshots

Every professional needs headshots. The question is, when it is time to go pro? When is it time to ditch the selfie (or friendie) and upgrade to a grown-up headshot? Here are seven reasons that the time is now.

How We Spend Our Days

Time is one thing that, if you lose it, you can never get it back. Which makes it all the more important to look at HOW you are spending your time and WHY you are spending it that way.

Are You Catwoman or Casper?

Halloween Protip: If you want the world to see you as Catwoman, don’t dress up as Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Moving Pictures

Truth: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy WHY you do it.”

Vermont Porchtraits Project

While we sheltered in place, many Vermonters donated something for those with no place to call home.

10,000 Headshots

Usually, if three network news reporters show up at your door all at once, it's not a good thing. In this instance it was.

Composition is Key

Now that you have your lighting down, it's time to clean up the frame. Let's do this, people!

Tips for Better Zooming

Since we are all now spending so much time in front of video cameras – aka hour-long headshot sessions – here's some advice from a photographer on how you can do Zoom better.

Over the Hill?

On this day thirty years ago, I did something rather crazy. And I can't seem to stop.

Photography in the Time of Coronavirus

A few thoughts on how we are working to keep the shutters clicking, and what you can and should do in these dark times.

Pinball Wizardry

A new pinball arcade business in Manchester needed images to populate their new website. Who ya gonna call?

Best Job Ever

This spring I was privileged to work on one of the most fun, engaging, and challenging jobs ever.

A Walk in the Park

The Voorhis family recently hired me to spend an hour or so with them in Hubbard Park, capturing images of them together in a semi-organized way.