Symphonic Makeover

Russian National Orchestra

  • October 2019
  • Web Development, Wordsmithing
We have been building, rebuilding, and managing the RNO's website for two decades. 

It began with a bespoke CMS back in 2000, before anyone knew what a CMS was (WordPress did not launch until 2003). Rooted in a complex SQL database of artists, gigs, and recordings, the RNO site was nonetheless an easy-to-update online medium for presenting one of the world's finest orchestras to the world.

In 2019, we planned and executed a move of the entire database over to the Mura engine, to ensure future compatibility, greater flexibility, and the curation of new content by outside editors. We also did a complete mobile-first redesign. Then we worked with the orchestra to inaugurate a new blog, to share the wonders of Russian classical music with the world.