In Studio or On Location

A portrait is a collaboration between photographer and subject.

In our session, we will work together to create a realistic, natural representation of who you are at this moment in your life. It should show us your smile, a bit of your personality, the clothes and places you feel comfortable in.

The goal is to create something that you will love having on a wall (or in a social media profile), to look at every day for years to come.

The good news? You absolutely do not have to love having your picture taken to create a great portrait. We work very hard to make the whole experience relaxing, easy, and even a bit fun.

Need some nitty gritty?
These are the types of portrait work we do:


  • Environmental portraits, which are usually of business people or artists in their “natural environment,” at their workplace or in a location that fits with their vocation or avocation.

  • Studio portraits, in which we work in the more controlled studio environment to capture portraits of you against various backdrops.

  • Headshots are a more focused version of a studio portrait. The intent is to create images for online profiles, printed brochures and the like. Read more here.

~ Tips on having your portrait taken ~



On Location?

Absolutely, we love to do location shoots for portraiture. Pricing will depend on distance, timing, equipment, etc. (Simple shoots within 10 miles of Montpelier that don't require special lighting equipment do not cost extra.)

Let's talk about what you have in mind and then we can tailor the quote to your exact needs.