Digital Reboot

An Online Makeover

  • October 2020
  • Web Development

This respected equipment manufacturer needed a complete website overhaul. The entire process, start to finish, from photography through launch, took five months.

It began with nearly 10 weeks of capturing brand new product photography. At the same time, we undertook extensive data organization and cleaning to create a master online product database. The old website had carried only a select number of products, about 400. The new website was to carry all 5000+ SKUs.

This database, which we used to track the product photography progress, then became the database for the new eCommerce site. We opted to host the site on BigCommerce because our research found it to have the most robust range of features for the best price.

After conversion, there was additional image cleanup, reorganizing the site into a more intuitive, easy-to-navigate and search destination, and the addition of static informational pages that will later be developed out with extensive educational materials.

Concomitantly, we put our SEO expert to work making the site super search-friendly, and then we crafted a series of digital ad initiatives for search and retargeting. This all went hand-in-hand with our complete overhaul and up-ramping of Leader's social activity on Facebook and Instagram, which began in the spring.

The new site is a vast improvement, in both design, speed, and efficiency, versus the old one. It is the vibrant center of the company's newly invigorated online presence and is already well outperforming the old site in what really matters: sales.