Team Headshots

They Deserve This

How easy can it be? Very easy.

Send your team to our studio, or have us bring our studio to you. Either way, we capture all your team members in a cohesive, consistent style that makes everyone look and feel great. And we have a simple, friction-free process that helps make it fun!

  • Your team is captured in the course of the workday, minimizing interruptions (15 minutes per person) and economizing on time.
  • Every member will be caught in the same, consistent style – making your team, and you, look great.
  • Whether you choose a "standard" style or something unique to your team, we will create a way to apply that style to any team members you hire down the road.
  • Because of the economies of scale, you end up paying far less per person.
  • We have strategies to capture the people who can't make the on-site session.
  • Both "formal" and "informal" styles are possible (see samples below).
  • Block out a day or half a day in our studio, and your team comes to us; or we can bring our studio to you.
You pick the day. We take care of the rest.

How it Works

  1. You pick a day or half-day, which can be at your location or in our studio, and we confer on the style/background you want to create.
  2. If we are shooting at your location, we will scout your site virtually or in person, to decide where we will set up. (We need a secure, separate room with controllable lighting that is 10x12 feet with at least an 8-foot ceiling. We also need ample power and WiFi.)
  3. You either provide us with a list of staffers, or we create a secure, private online booking page for your team, where everyone picks the time slot in the day that works for them.
  4. Your team will get reminders and useful FAQs for what to expect, what to do, what not to wear, etc.
  5. On the day of the session, we run a smooth, efficient operation, and all team members get to see their images on an iPad (on location) or large monitor (in-studio) within moments of shooting. Each person also gets their own private image gallery of the best 5-6 images, from which they will pick the one they like best for retouching (if they want to purchase extra for their own use, they can do that, and pay as individuals).
  6. Within 3-5 business days of our session, we will deliver all the retouched images to you for posting on your website, in your annual report, etc.
  7. Our goal is to make the process as easy and friction-free for you as possible. We can make it completely turnkey, handling all the scheduling, and will deliver to you a set of retouched, ready-to-post images individually labeled with the subject's name.

What it Costs

There are two components to our Team Headshot fee.

First, there is the Session Fee, which is based on whether this is a half- or full-day, and whether we are doing this at your offices or our studio.

Second, there is a Per-Image Fee for each image we deliver.

Therefore, the final fee depends on how many people you have and how many images you allow them to choose. In all, however, the cost works out to be well under the cost of our normal single-person, bespoke headshot session.

Team Working Remotely?

No problem. We can set up Team Headshot sessions in our cozy studio in downtown Montpelier. Your staffers schedule their sessions through our secure portal and everyone comes to us, and your daily fee is lower because we are working from our studio (the no schlepping discount).

This is also a great option if there is not adequate space in your offices to host our studio. And if Montpelier is not close enough, we can often find a space in Burlington or White River Junction, say, that can be rented for the day.

Get a Quote

To set up your Team Headshots, just click the button below and fill in all the info on our query form. Or give us a phone call (802-595-0657), and we will answer any questions you have.

We look forward to working with you!