Headshots for Teams

They Deserve This

 How easy can it be? Very easy.

Send your team to our studio, or we bring our studio to you. Either way, we capture your team in a cohesive, consistent style that makes everyone look and feel great. And we have a simple, friction-free (and speedy) process that helps make it fun (and very little work for you)!

  • Every member will be caught in the same, consistent style – making your team, and you, look great.
  • You pay far less per person than our more bespoke offering (we go a lot faster!).
  • Easy, secure, online scheduling that takes the admin burden off you.
  • With our on-site option, your team can be captured during the workday, minimizing interruptions and economizing on time.
  • With our in-studio option, you can make it a fun team event, meeting up in our cozy studio (a great way to get virtual team members together).
  • We can also span sessions over two days or create a make-up session for team members who can't make the main session.
  • Many styles: both "formal" and "informal" (see samples below).
  • Fast, efficient image selection, touch-up, and delivery.
You pick the day. We take care of the rest.

Just Three Steps


Nitty Gritty

  1. We start by getting the number of team members to be captured. That helps us estimate how much time we will need.
  2. Then you decide if you want this to happen in our studio or at your location (adds $200 location fee, plus mileage).
  3. We then pick a date and time and confer on the style/background you want to create.
  4. If we are shooting at your location, we will scout your site virtually or in person, to decide where we will set up. (We need a secure, separate room, free of furnituer, that is at least 10x12 feet with at least an 8-foot ceiling. We also need ample power and WiFi.)
  5. You either provide us with an Excel list of staffers, or we create a secure, private online booking page for your team, where everyone picks the time slot in the day that works for them.
  6. Your team will get email and text reminders of their booking.
  7. We will also provide useful FAQs and videos for what to expect, what to do, what not to wear, etc.
  8. On the day of the session, we run a smooth, efficient operation, and all team members can see their images on a monitor within moments of shooting, to make sure we are on the right track.
  9. With the Rapid option, each person is immediately sent a private image gallery of their best 5-8 images, from which they pick the one they like best for delivery and/or retouching.
  10. With the Slow option, there is individual image review as part of each person's session, to select the best image before people walk away.
  11. Within 3-5 business days of our session, we will deliver all the retouched images to you for posting on your website, in your annual report, etc. with all images named for the person.
  12. Our goal is to make the process as easy and friction-free for you as possible. We can make it completely turnkey, handling all the scheduling, and will deliver to you a set of retouched, ready-to-post images individually labeled with the subject's name.

Fast or Slow?

Rapid sessions are 3-5 minutes per person, which is normally plenty for everyone to get a half-dozen great shots to choose. For the Slow session, we pace it at 15 minutes per person, which includes time for more individualized coaching and guided, immediate-review image selection. A Slow session in the studio can even allow some team members (the fast change artists) to try two different outfit looks, using our changing room.

  • Rapid option: 10-12 people per hour
  • Slow option: 4-5 people per hour

What it Costs

The pricing for Team Headshots is always a custom quote, because we want to make sure there are no surprises for you or for us. But we can pull that together very quickly, after you answer just a few questions.


Fees include

  • Rapid, single-look session for each team member.
  • White, grey, or other standard studio-style background (in cooperative weather, we can also do headshots outdoors).
  • One professionally edited, high-resolution image per team member, unlimited use license included.
  • Custom online appointment calendar for team member sign-ups.
  • Pre-session content to help your team prepare.
  • Experienced coaching on expression, outfit, and posing.
  • Instant photo previews, combined with private, personal galleries for image selection.
  • Secure digital file management.
  • We can also future-proof your on-boarding and photograph new-hires in the same style, directing them to our online scheduling platform, to make sure all team images look the same going forward.

For Team Headshots on location, there is a $200 location fee, plus mileage reimbursement.

Team Working Remotely?

No problem. Our cozy studio in downtown Montpelier is a perfect meet-up spot. Your staffers will schedule their sessions through our secure portal and everyone comes to us.

Our studio is also a great option if there is not enough space in your offices to host us. (Plus you save the Location Fee.)

Get Started

To set up your Team Headshots, just click the button below and fill in all the info on our query form. Or give us a phone call (802-595-0657), and we will answer any questions you have and start the ball rolling.

We look forward to working with you!